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Honey is a natural sweetener, waaaay better for the environment than cane sugar.


Every spoonful of honey you consume has nectar from
~3,36,000 flowers, some of these get pollinated in the process!

So, do your bit for the environment - use honey as your sweetener!

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hear these amazing reviews, hope you like our honey as much ;)

I really liked the taste of the honey! It’s absolutely authentic. Especially with the recent honey quality issues that have been discovered in the news, really appreciate the quality of honey that you offer.

Akash Ram

I’ve tried a lot of honey brands, Moonshine Honey is one of the best I’ve had - It’s not as sweet as the commercial brands, which is what I loved. You have a loyal customer in me!

Surbhi Jain

The honey is excellent! I love the different sweetness of this honey.I had organic honey but all had a similar taste. This one is so sweet and it’s a different type of sweet.

Hari Menon